An independent advisory group for wilding conifer control?

May 07, 2018

A proposal from the WCMG Committee and the national programme’s Stakeholder Advisory Group to establish a new and merged independent advisory group has been released for consultation

When the Programme team reviewed the first year of programme operations, it was felt there could be room for improvement about how we engaged with our advisory groups - in particular the Stakeholder Advisory Group (SAG). Similarly, with the advent of the national programme in 2016, the New Zealand Wilding Conifer Management Group (NZWCMG) agreed to review its future role and functions. 

Both developments provided an excellent and timely opportunity to look at wilding conifer management and the engagement with stakeholders. Therefore, since late 2017, the NZWCMG committee and the national programme’s SAG have been exploring options.

Comments on this proposal are encouraged. All questions and responses can be directed to melanie.chapman@mpi.govt.nz . Consultation closes 5pm Thursday 31 May.