The New Zealand Wilding Conifer Management Group (NZWCMG) is a group dedicated to support the active management of wilding conifer infestations in New Zealand since 2006.

This Group was instrumental in developing the New Zealand Wilding Conifer Management Strategy 2015-2030.

The proposed establishment of a new 'Wilding Conifer Group' in 2018 will evolve from - and build on - the successes of the NZWCMG, and will continue to represent a broad spectrum of parties dealing locally, regionally or nationally with spreading wildings.

An Interim Committee, supported by a Terms of Reference, is steering the changes. A final decision on the organisation will take place at the NZWCMG Annual General Meeting in October 2018.

A Co-ordinator is being sought during July 2018 to support the development of the Wilding Conifer Group.


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