During June and July, three researchers from Australia have been braving the wind and snow at Mt Barker, near L. Coleridge, to gather data for a model of wilding spread.

Led by Dr Yvonne Buckley, of the School of Integrative Biology, University of Queensland and CSIRO's Sustainable Ecosystems, the group is trying to find out how demography, dispersal, landscape structure, post-management ecosystem reassembly and economic restraints combine to determine appropriate strategies for managing plant invasions.  Dr Buckley worked on Corsican pine wilding spread at Mt Barker with Scion (Nick Ledgard) in 2004, and is back to gather more detail on seed production and dissemination.  To this end a 15m tower has been erected to gather data on wind flow patterns, and trays have been installed to collect seed as it falls during the cone opening period - which usually starts in July.  Dr Buckley is presenting a lecture on her work at the School of Forestry, University of Canterbury, on Friday July 25 (midday in lecture room F3).

 Wild_YUvonnemast708.jpg  Wild_Seedtraysweb708.JPG

 A 15m tower erected to determine wind flow patterns and how they might influence the dissemination of Corsican pine seed

Seed trays arranged around coning Corsican pine at Mt Barker