This area of herbicide use to control wildings is developing at a fast pace.  The majority of the new findings are coming from trials headed by Pete Raal of DOC, Dunedin, together with Stefan Gous of Scion, Rotorua.  Due to the interest in this new work, we have opened a special section on this website (link).  There is a general comment on the herbicide techniques available, plus more detailed advice on the new basal bark application technique.  Even though this is just one of many control means in the ‘tool box’ (see manual – link), it shows particular promise for quick control of wide-spread wildings in the ‘soft-bark’ stage of growth up to 15cm basal diameter.  Plus it can be used on other woody species such as willows, sycamore and hawthorn.

            Results from trials on boom application of more extensive areas of wildings are also showing promise, but it is still too early to give confident recommendations for the control of some species such as contorta pine.  For more detail contact Pete Raal of DOC, Dunedin (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).