Vicky Froude of Pacific Eco-Logic Ltd has been awarded the contract to prepare a National Wilding Conifer Status report for the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (MAF).  This project is still in its draft stages with the contract only having been signed on 29 April 2011.  This draft final report has been circulated Group members who have had an opportunity to provide comments before the final report is submitted by the end of August.  At the Group’s July meeting. it was decided that the report and matters arising from it will be discussed at another meeting before the report is finalised.

The report addresses historical factors, current state, impacts, legislation and policy, current management, control, barriers to effective management, risks including likely future spread and implications, related land use issues current research and political issues.  Its primary purposes is to: clarify the roles of all parties involved in wilding conifer management in New Zealand; and identify how the parties could work together to improve policy and management systems affecting wilding conifer management.  Associated purposes are to: assist the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry to determine its role with respect to wilding conifers under the pest management national plan of action; and identify opportunities for improving the efficiency and effectiveness of New Zealand wilding conifer management.  It is intended that the report will provide foundations for an agreed strategy for wilding conifer management in New Zealand.

As part of the report preparation process, Vicky has spoken to, or otherwise made contact with, people and organisations with responsibilities and/or interests in wilding conifer management.  Depending on the person(s) being contacted, discussion typically addressed:

·         Identification of useful contact people and reference material (including where it might be found)

·         Current extent and impacts of wilding conifers and possible future trends

·         Current wilding conifer management

·         Present and potential issues of concern

·         Good examples and opportunities

·         Research completed/under way/desired

·         Matters that the person/organisation would like to see addressed in the report

·         Suggestions for future improvements in wilding conifer management.


Vicky is currently amending the report according to feedback received from members, who will meet again to discuss the final draft in mid- September.  Anyone wishing to see the report in its current state should contact Vicky Froude (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).