Eighteen people met at Flock Hill Lodge in the upper Waimakariri catchment to discuss wilding tree problems in the area.

Representatives of local farmers, DOC, ECan, Orion, Transit NZ and the SFF Wilding Project (Nick Ledgard) all agreed that there was a problem and that it would quickly get worse if practical control action was not carried out in the near future.
Flock Hill is the worst area, where hundreds of ha are affected by wilding spread, mainly involving contorta pine.  In a recent report, by Darrin Woods, estimated that it would cost $500,000 for the first removal sweep, with total cost of around $800,000 needed over an 8-10 year period in order to clear the station of all wilding risk.
The main result of the meeting was the formation of the Waimakariri Basin Wilding Tree Control Group.  A sub-committee was formed to develop a programme for fund raising and removal operations.