Under the new Sustainable Farming Fund project "Initiatives that support a national wilding strategy" we will produce reports and updates that can be viewed and downloaded. The following reports have been produced since 2013:

1st Core Deliverable: The development of a national monitoring and reporting framework for wilding conifers.

Paul, TSH (2013): Monitoring Wilding Conifers in New Zealand - Survey and Review Results -. Report for the NZ Wilding Conifer Management Group.

Paul, TSH (2013): Extent and severity of wilding conifer presence in the New Zealand high country. Report for the NZ Wilding Conifer Management Group.

2nd Core Deliverable: Cost analysis for specific wilding conifer control and management regimes based on actual costs incurred in different regions

No current reports

3rd Core Deliverable: Understanding wilding Douglas-fir spread better across the wide range of environments and site conditions.

No current reports


Below you will find reports written under the three objectives of the 2006 -2009 SFF funded wilding Conifer Management project. Those and further reports on the SFF wilding project can be found on the SFF website .


Objective 1: Improving assessment of wilding spread risk and prioritisation of control operations.


• Wilding conifer project report on mapping and risk assessment 1 July 2007


• Assessing the risk of wilding spread 1 July 2008 (Ledgard N.J. 2008. Assessing risk of natural regeneration of introduced conifers, or wilding spread. New Zealand Plant Protection 61: 91-97)


Widling conifer risk mapping in the Canterbury region; a modelling approach 1 Sept 2008

Maps produced under Objective 1 can be found on this website under Maps.


Objective 2: Determining the most cost-effective techniques for removing wildings and killing standing conifers



• A review of wilding control operational procedures 1 July 2007


• Results of a wildings stem poisoning trial on Arapawa Island, Marlborough Sounds Sept 2008


• Wilding control: technique summary, and identification of information gaps July 2009


Objective 3:Manipulating vegetation successions after wilding invasion and control


• Native succession affected by wildings and planted conifer stands - before and after control - in the high country of New Zealand. An overview of the existing literature 1 Oct 2007


• Vegetation successions during 30 years of high country grassland invasion by contorta pine 1 July 2007

(Click here for the published paper about this topic: Ledgard N.J.; Paul T.S.H. 2008. Vegetation successions over 30 years of high country grassland invasion by Pinus contorta. New Zealand Plant Protection 61: 98-104.)


• Vegetation successions associated with wilding conifer management 1 July 2008


 Paul T.S.H.; Ledgard N.J. 2008. Effects of felled wilding pines on plant growth in high country grasslands. New Zealand Plant Protection 61: 105-110.


•Vegetation successions associated with wilding conifer managemen: Identification of knowledge gaps July 2009



Our Newsletter for the three years can be found on this website under News .