In this section you will find relevant presentations that inform you about mapping of wilding areas, wilding spread, the control of wildings and research on vegetation succession after wilding control. More detail can be found in status reports and publications listed under the project (click here).  

These presentations were given at conferences, workshops and WCMG meetings to inform members and the public on wilding matters.


May 12th, 2011 Steering Group Meeting

Accompanying power point presentation


Wilding Confier Management Group Meeting 24 June 2010

Group achievements to date

Other wilding groups

Property visits

Risk mapping

Vegetation succession


Flock Hill Meeting May 2010

Joseph Arnud's talk


NETS 2009: The Wakatipu Wilding Challenge


Presentation on Wilding area and spread mapping and assessment of the risk of widling spread:

Presentation June2007


Presentation July2009


Presentations about the control practices of wilding conifers

Presentation June2007


Presentation July2008


Presentation July2009


Presentations regarding our research on plantcover changes and  successions after the control of wildings

Presentation June2007


Presentation July2008


Presentation July2009


 Further relevant presentations that informed WCMG members, farmers, landowners and the public about our work.

Workshop Presentation March - April 2009

Workshops July2009