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Added in September 2012:

Distribution maps of wilding conifer species according to the Department of Conservation which were released as part of the status report on wilding conifers in New Zealand:

Appendix Pinus contorta Kappers Map

Appendix Pseudotsuga menziesii Kappers Map

Appendix Pinus contorta Howell Map

Appendix Pinus nigra Howell Map

Appendix Pinus mugo Howell Map

Appendix Pseudotsuga menziesii Howell Map


The risk of wilding conifer spread

The following maps are the result of a mapping exercise carried out to spatially assess the risk of wilding conifer invasion in Canterbury (Map-sheets L34, L35, K34, K35). Similar maps are planned to be produced on request for individual properties.

Two sets of maps were produced, reflecting (i) the risk of establishment based on the current vegetation and management and (ii) the risk of invasion from known wilding seed sources in combination with the vegetation assessment. More about the methods can be found in the relevant report (Mapping approach) . Currently these maps are in *.jpg format that can be downloaded. However the files a reasonably big and will take a while. In the near future we plan to make them more accessible and usable by providing them in various formats.

Vegetation risk maps


k34_vegetationrisk_300dpi.jpg K35_vegetationrisk_300dpi.jpg I34_vegetationrisk_300dpi.jpg I35_vegetationrisk_300dpi.jpg
K34 Mapsheet K35 Mapsheet L34 Mapsheet L35 Mapsheet

Wilding spread risk maps

These maps are supplied as *.zip files because of their size. It allows you to download them to your computer.

K34_totalrisk_300dpi_stamp.jpg K35_totalrisk_300dpi_stamp.jpg L34_totalrisk_300dpi_stamp.jpg L35_totalrisk_300dpi_stamp.jpg
K34 Mapsheet K35 Mapsheet L34 Mapsheet L35 Mapsheet




Exotic conifers in the South Island

As a first result of the mapping of conifer locations and the risk assessment of their spread (Obj 1), you can currently download maps that give an overview of the distribution of species, the origin of the mapped conifer stands (planted versus wilding) and a map indicating the distribution of conifers with various spread vigour. We also added a more detailed map for Otago showing wildings and plantations. These maps are available as zipped *.jpg files.

For more information about the maps in terms of area statistics and their current status the following report can be downloaded as a *.pdf file or viewed in a separate window:

Wilding conifer project report -Objective 1 July 2007

Conifers_bySpecies_SI_stamp.jpg Conifers_byOrigin_SI_stamp.jpg Conifers_bySpreadVigour_SI_stamp.jpg wild_vs_plant_otago_stamp.jpg
Exotic Conifers in the South Island  - Conifer Species 30 July 2007 Exotic Conifers in the South Island - Planted vs. Wilding 30 July 2007 Exotic Conifers in the South Island - Spread vigour 30 July 2007 Exotic Conifers in the South Island -Planted vs. Wilding in Otago 30 July 2007


These maps are based on information collected up to 30 July 2007.  We will be refining them in the next few months with the addition of further data, discussions with WCMG members, and fieldwork.