On March 7, around 30 people attended a wilding control workshop at the Scion forestry trial site on Andrew and Karen Simpson’s Balmoral station at Tekapo.  The main presenter was Nick Ledgard of Scion, the manager of the SFF wilding project, assisted by Environment Canterbury’s David Hewson and local DOC officers, Neil Bolton and Pete Willemse.  Topics covered during the three hours spent within the trial trees were:
1.    Conifer species identification and aging
2.    How to go about estimating spread risk
3.    Wilding prevention strategies
4.    Wilding control techniques relative to wilding size and location - focusing on farmer-friendly means
5.    Safety elements of the above
6.    How to encourage desirable vegetation successions (eg., towards pasture or natives) during and after control
7.    How to get individual on-farm assistance for wilding risk / control.
A similar workshop was repeated at Flock Hill Station in the upper Waimakariri basin on Monday, March 17.


 A section of the attendees at the SFF’s wilding control workshop held on Balmoral station, Tekapo, on March 7.