Monitoring of wilding conifer infestations, their extent and severity, as well as changes in these descriptors with or without management is required not only for the development of a national strategy.

Many stakeholders and managers of wilding infested or potentially threatened land require better data on the issue that they dealing with. The monitoring of wilding conifers can enable land managers to understand the dynamics and the impact of their management actions better to make improved management decisions where needed.

Monitoring enables stakeholders to document the change that their management has made across their “patch” and link this to their overall goals and objectives. The ability to do this in a quantitative and thorough way can allow managers to gain confidence from supporters and funding bodies and can be used as leverage for further funding. Furthermore monitoring data will allow the performance of risk analysis and cost calculations based on the trend data that monitoring can supply. 

We have been developing a ground plot method to monitor management success (currently primarily the reduction in wildling conifers) as well as a smartphone application, that allows easy recording of quantitative data about wilding occurrence.

The reports can be downloaded by clicking on the links below.

Ground monitoring protocol

How to use your smartphone to monitor wildings