The long awaited report on the status of wilding conifers has been released by the Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI) which will provide a very good overview over the wilding conifer situation in New Zealand. The report has been developed over the last year by Victoria Froude from Pacific Eco logic commissioned by MPI in April 2011 to develop a report with the purpose to bring together information to address the historical factors, the current state and the impacts of wilding conifers but also the legislation and policy and the current management and control of wilding conifers. Logically the report also identified barriers to manage and control and the current and future risks associated with wilding spread and land use issues. In addition the report informs the reader on current research and potential opportunities and by including of a number of case studies highlight some of the ecological problems arising from wildings.

This overview led to a number of recommendations in the report to improve and guide future action and to assist MPI to determine their future role with respect to wilding conifers under the Pest Management: National Plan of Action (PMNPA) and to identify opportunities for improving efficiency and effectiveness of wilding conifer management in New Zealand.

As the report was prepared and reviewed, a wide range of stakeholders had the opportunity to contribute their perspectives, ideas and information and it gave many stakeholders also a chance to confirm or question collated information or add additional and alternative information. This allowed the identification of topics and issues where consensus exists and the identification of ways how parties could work together to improve policy and management systems affecting wilding conifer management. The WCMG and most of its members were actively involved in the development of this report. The WCMG could also provide the appropriate stakeholder forum for the preparation of the non-statutory national strategy for wilding conifer management.


The first two key recommendations from this report, that have been signed off by the Minister so far are:


  • That a non-statutory national strategy be prepared for wilding conifer management. The issues and options in the report provide a framework for the strategy and
  • That the Ministry of Primary Industries be the lead agency for preparing this strategy.



The main report (a real “door-stopper” of 207 pages) can be downloaded by clicking here.

A summary report including the key-components of the primary report and an evaluation of current and potential wilding conifer management can be downloaded by clicking here.

A number of appendices (Distribution maps from the Department of Conservation) that a supplementary information to the report are available under Maps & Models