New Zealand Wilding Conifer Group

The New Zealand Wilding Conifer Group (NZWCG) is a group dedicated to supporting the active management of wilding conifer infestations in New Zealand.

About us

The NZ Wilding Conifer Group is an advocacy and advisory group comprised of organisations and individuals interested in wilding conifer management and research.

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NZ Wilding Conifer Group's blog 'Walk on the Wilding Side' has the latest updates from our stakeholders as well as recent research related to wilding conifers.

The NZ Wilding Conifer Group merged with the former NZ Wilding Conifer Management Group to create a group committed to supporting all of those involved in wilding conifer management and research. The NZ Wilding Conifer Group represents a broad spectrum of stakeholders and advocates for wilding conifer control.

The main functions of the NZWCG are:

a. To advocate for the National Strategy and for funding for wilding conifer control;

b. To help mobilise communities to take action in wilding control;

c. To promote awareness of the wilding conifer issue;

d. To facilitate information sharing between stakeholders and researchers; and

e. To provide independent advice to the National Programme, and other interested parties, ensuring a diversity of voices.

Additionally, the Group organises an annual conference to share and learn about latest techniques and research in wilding management. Conferences are typically held in early spring, and the location changes each year to highlight local wilding issues across the country. The 2020 Wilding Conifer Conference will be held in Rotorua.